About Codobe

Codobe is a family-friendly coworking space and collaboration center located in Surprise, Arizona. 

At Codobe, we believe that business can strengthen family and family can strengthen business.  Therefore, everything we do is centered on connecting people with honest and efficient shared solutions so that we can all do more, together.  To do this, we offer back office business support and front office space, when you need it. 

Codobe supports small businesses by assisting with solving problems, creating plans for the business to be more efficient at doing things on their own, and providing higher level support when the business is ready for it.  Codobe's one stop shop means that you aren't constantly on the phone trying to find different people for the work you need to get done.  Contact Codobe for a free consultation and we will take care of the rest.  

Codobe supports individuals by providing job seeking support, student support, personal financial organization, personal branding, and development groups and classes.  

Codobe supports all families by providing a safe and inclusive space that has zero tolerance for gossip, bullying, judgement or aggression.  We want our Codobe family to grow with love and we will do all we can to facilitate that.  We believe that family is more than blood and there is enough love for everyone.  We believe that the world is abundant.  We believe that if we work together as a community we will be able to accomplish more than we could by ourselves.  We believe that everyone has a strength and something to offer.