Codobe Coworking Space
Women writing on white board in meeting room and it says Codobe Work Space and Meeting Rooms

About Codobe

Codobe is a flexible work space in West Valley Phoenix in between the 60 and the 101.   

Codobe is by reservation only but you can get same day access to Codobe when you sign up online.  No need to wait around, once you sign up you will be sent everything you need to get going with your new work space.  

Through technology we offer simple and convenient online booking and payment.  With quick access to our flexible work space via a smart phone app, you get affordable work space without all the fuss.

With a variety of meeting room spaces to rent, you will find a rental space that will suit your needs.  

Our conversation room is great for phone calls, zoom meetings, private conversations, consultations, or counseling sessions.  

Rent the small meeting room and use the whiteboard and HDMI TV to take your presentation to the next level.  This space is ideal for presentations, demonstrations, small meetings, or brainstorming sessions.

The family lounge is casual and comfortable and is a great space if you have meetings with children present.  

Our  group room is great for groups, classes or set it up as a conference room.  

The training room offers desks with outlets and a white board.  

The photo/video studio has backdrops and lights to assist the DIYer.  

Reserve the reception lounge for networking events or larger group meetings.