Codobe Work Space
Codobe Work Space
12211 W Bell Road, Suite 107 Surprise, AZ 85378

Workspace With Social Distance

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Why Choose Codobe?

Working from home can be VERY challenging.  Coffee shops are limiting space if they allow dine in at all.  Codobe offers work space, internet, and coffee so you can find your focus.  Find a the space that works for you, when you need it, at a price you can afford.  

Our work spaces are set up to maintain social distancing.  See our work station options here.  

We don't staff our space.  To check us out you can request a remotely guided tour where our team will guide you through and answer your questions over the phone.  

Our minimalist design will allow you to stay focused on what matters most.  While we are shared space, you won't be required to interact with other members or staff when you come to use the space.  While our members might strike up a conversation occasionally, we mostly focus in our work.  So, if you not a "social butterfly" this might be the perfect space for you.

 Do you need to have an in person meeting? Our meeting rooms allow for meeting in person safely.  Social distancing can be met for groups up to 6.  View our meeting rooms here.  

Work remotely without the headache of working from home.  

(There are wipes available in the facility for you to use to make sure that you can clean your space prior to use.  Codobe does not require masks in the facility so long as social distancing is maintained. Codobe does not require masks as social distancing is easy to maintain.  Cleaning and self protection is the responsibility of the member.  Please use at your own risk)

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How does it work?

Non-members, bookings are no longer available.  You must be a monthly member of Codobe to book space.  Schedule a remotely guided tour for personalized assistance and custom membership options.  

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