Codobe is smart, get-work-done space

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Make Codobe your place to work for just $10 per day and that includes coffee and Wi-Fi.  Work from here full time M-F from 9-5 for just $29.99. 

Great Location

Codobe is located just minutes from the 101 and the 60 on the Southwest side of the W Bell Road and El Mirage Intersection.  Click here to see the map.  


No commitment.  Choose a day pass or a monthly membership.  Or just need a meeting room on occasion, sign up to book a room.  

Technology based

We keep our prices low by leveraging technology.  We only accept payments online (credit/debit/echeck).  You can access your online member portal to book space, pay or see events. Communicate with our team via Slack.  


While we don't staff our facility, our door lock system only allows access to authorized members. Use your smart phone to unlock our door using the Kisi App. 


Sign up online.  Get access in minutes. Codobe is accessible everyday between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.  

A smart, get-work-done space

Codobe isn't a coworking space it is a get work done space.  If you are looking for a place to focus on your work or to have a professional meeting, this is for you.  Our convenience and affordability make this the place you need to grow your business.  Step out of the coffee shop or home office into your professional office suite at a price you can afford.  

We use technology to bring you the most value.  Our staff can manage the work space while working where it is most convenient for them.  New features to interact with the Codobe Staff are being added daily.  

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