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The Code to Your Future

2019-01-01 14:18

Why kids need to learn to code

Learning to code at a local boot camp or coding class is a great way for children to get a jump start on their career.  In this age of technology those who do not have a basic understanding of technology, will be left behind.  

Today coding is considered a life skill and a basic literacy in this digital age. For those not familiar with this technology, coding is how we communicate with computers. It is the computer's language and what is used to create websites, apps, video games, software, etc.

Currently, there are more job openings in the computer programming industry than applicants to fill the jobs. These jobs are generally in the top salary ranges.  There is a shortage of people who understand technology with the dynamics to be able to create and share with their peers.  

For years, computer science has been perceived for being a career path for a specific type of person.  This has to change.  All people need to learn computer science and have at least a basic understanding of computer programming languages, how they work, and what is possible.  We need to focus on making sure all of our youth has access to learning these imperative skills.  

The future of our society depends on teaching our youth about technology and how to be responsible with it.  We need to bridge the gap between technology and humanity and ensure that we are teaching social skills along with technology.  

This is where coding classes for teens can be a great combination.  It gives an environment where those interested in learning more about programming or coding can not only learn the technology but also have an opportunity to socialize with like minded people.  This is a great way to increase critical thinking skills, social skills, and provide a much needed education.