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Counselors and Coworking Spaces

2018-12-16 08:36

Five tips for using a coworking space if you are a counselor

As the trends move towards more flexible work environments and people desiring to not be confined by long term leases and high dollar offices spaces, many professions have turned to coworking spaces, including therapist.  Professionals that deal with confidential information must be careful when using shared spaces.  So here are some tips for therapist to consider when looking for and using a coworking space.  

1.  Counselors do their best work if their clients are comfortable and relaxed.  Look for a coworking space that offers comfortable, cozy, and private offices that will be inviting to your clients.  

2.  Keeping your clients information confidential is crucial to building a good relationship.  When using a coworking space be sure to have a locking brief case and a sound machine with you so that you can ensure that your clients information is kept confidential.

3.  When booking an office or meeting room in a coworking  space, reserve the space for a half hour extra to ensure that you do not overlap the next reservation.  This will allow for maximum time with your client without being interrupted.  

4.  Many clients won't mind meeting in a shared office space however you will want to make sure they understand that is where they are going.    Inform them of the situation and get their okay prior too meeting at a coworking space.  

5.  If possible, book the same office space at consistent times to provide consistency to your clients.  

Using coworking space as a counselor will allow you to provide a professional space to meet with your clients while allowing you the flexibility and affordability to maintain your private practice without the overhead.  Your clients will benefit from your strategic preparation and minimizing your expenses while maximizing the quality of their experience.  Keeping these few tips in mind will ensure a great experience for both you and your clients.