Goal Getting

2018-09-12 17:38

Be a goal getter instead of a goal setter

Let’s talk a little bit about goal setting.  A lot of people have goals they want to meet in life but a lot of them go unmet.   

Why is that?  Perhaps it is the approach taken in setting the goal in the first place. 

Some goals are vague and unmeasurable.  Other goals are so large that it becomes too overwhelming to see the possibility of achievement.  Is there a better way to set goals that make them more attainable.  I think yes, and I would like to share some of my thoughts.  

An open book on a table with a yellow marker.  In the book is written Your Future "Depends on what you do today.  Make it Count."  Under that phrase is the word Goals.  There are other unidentifiable words wrote in the book.


The first step in goal getting is understanding the WHY?.  Take some time to sit down and analyze why you want to set this goal to begin with.  You may start with things like “I want to be healthier" or "I want to be out of debt".   These are good reasons, but what is the real reason why?  What is the driving factor?  What is the purpose?  

Do you want to see your children graduate? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to have time to write a book? Do you want to leave a legacy you can be proud of?  What is it that will make you wake up each day and work on your goal?

Once you understand the driving factor, your WHY?, you are going to want to write that down.  Write it on your mirror, put is as the background on your computer or phone.  Place it somewhere you will see it every day, better yet, multiple times a day.  You NEED to see that reason why often.  It will help you stay motivated to keep working towards your goal. 

Measurable Success Points

Do you have a really good understanding of WHY?  Good now you want to achieve that goal so lets talk about the steps of being a Goal Getter.     

We will start by coming up with three Measurable Success Points.  

What is a Measurable Success Point? 
You have to set your goals with something that can be measured and tracked so that you can easily identify once you have become "successful".  A vague goal will never be able to be identified as successful.  "I want to have lots of money", is very different from "I want to have $50,000 in my bank account."  One is measurable, and one is not.  Success is a very subjective term and could mean different things to different people.  A Measurable Success Point is something that results in your goal that is specific and measurable.  

Why three?  
Having several success points will give you more measure of your success.  If your goal is to be healthier then your Measurable Success Points might be to lose 2 inches on my waist, get off my blood pressure medicine, and be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded.  Even if you only meet one of these,  it is a success!  It will give you more encouragement to continue working towards your goal if you are seeing progress in one of these areas.  Even if you aren't in the other two.  Having multiple Measurable Success Points will assist with supporting your overall goal achievement.  

Mini Milestone

OK, so far we have a Goal, your WHY?, and three Measurable Success Points.  What now? 

Next, we are going to take each Measurable Success Point and break it down into Mini Milestones.  Mini Milestones are small goals in between now, and achieving the Measurable Success Points.  These need to be realistic and not overwhelming. For example, if your goal is to decrease two inches around your waist then your Mini Milestone might be decrease waist measurement by ¼ inch each month. 

Once you have these Mini Milestones it will be easier to set up your time frame for achieving this Goal.  

Determine a time frame

 Take the Measurable Success Points and determine how long it will take to achieve each of your Mini Milestones.  We are talking about a realistic goal here.  Give yourself enough time to allow for success.  Once you have a time frame for each Mini Milestone, use that to map out the total time it is going to take you.  This will give you your time frame to meet your goal.  (Some goals may be time sensitive so you may have to adjust your expectations to meet shorter time frames)

Now just sit back and relax. . . 

Just kidding.  Now, we need an action plan.  Write this out, include little actions towards your goal that you can do each day, each hour, each minute.  This all depends on your goal and how big it is.  Your goal and your WHY? will determine how much time you need to budget towards these actions. 

Once you know what you need to do and how much time it will take, put these items on your calendar or to-do list.  Schedule it out long term so you are sure not to schedule anything over it.  All to often we try to put our goals in between everything else and work on them only when we have time, this isn't going to work.  You have to clear time for your priorities or they will fall off the radar.  

Celebrate all wins

Now that you have your action items scheduled, every time you complete one of those actions, celebrate it.  Do a little happy dance, pat yourself on the back, whatever, but celebrate the win.  If you have a setback, that’s okay, they happen.  If you feel like you need to be mad about, okay.  Give yourself 15 minutes to be mad and upset, but then be done.  Take a deep breath and focus on the goal and your WHY?.  Envision yourself completing that next action and meeting that next milestone. 

Sum it all up

Simply stated, to increase the odds of achieving your goals you need to know the reason WHY? that speaks to your heart.  Give yourself three Measurable Success Points, determine a time frame, develop Mini Milestones, create an action plan and celebrate all wins.  Of course there are some other things that will assist in meeting your goals, like ensuring your action items make it in your Time Budget and having an Accountability Associate.  Look for future articles where I discuss what these are and why they are helpful to your success.  

Now go out and be a Goal Getter!


To my sister, who inspired me in ways she will never truly understand.  The perseverance she showed in her come back from not being able to use her extremities after being hospitalized was incredible.  She had to relearn to do everything.  She never gave up.  She got mad, frustrated, and upset.  She had setbacks and heartbreak, but she never gave up.  I watched her push herself to her limits and it was her strength and determination that got her life back to where she wanted it.  To be the person she wanted to be for her family.    She set goals, she knew her why and she celebrated the wins.  I love you, sis.  

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