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Dream big, Team bigger

2018-10-12 14:08

Accountability and Greatness

It is one thing to be held accountable, but it is another to hold yourself accountable. 

Is it even possible to hold ourselves accountable?  I mean, I know it is possible to be accountable for our actions.  But can we hold ourselves accountable in the true sense of the words? 

Think about it, to be accountable is to account for your actions.  But to be held accountable is to be held to the actions you are expected to complete.  Well if you’re the only one you’re accounting your actions to then it is pretty easy to win that debate, especially if you feel justified in not meeting that goal. 



When we work for ourselves or we work from home and we don’t have someone that is really keeping track of what we are doing and making sure that were meeting each step.  It is pretty easy to slip off.  It is pretty easy to say, 

“You know, well I got something else going on and I don’t need to do that,  I can wait until next week, next year, whenever." 

I think it is helpful to have some us to keep us accountable.  Whether it is a friend, a family member, a mentor, or a coach, or someone that is there.  Tell them what you want to achieve, and they help you hold it at the priority you set for yourself.  Sometimes we lose site of our priorities and it is very beneficial to have someone call us out when that happens. 


Have you ever been part of a team with a coach?  It is a whole lot easier to push to that next level when you have your team and your coach holding you accountable.  Your success is their success and your failure is their failure.  The team becomes better as a team then everyone could be on their own.  It is a really cool phenomenon.  You have a big dream and a team or coach can help you achieve those dreams.   

Bottom line though, your accountability partner needs to be someone who isn't going to put up with your worming your way out of your obligations.  Tell them what you want to achieve and then give them full permission to help you hold it at the priority you set for yourself.  Sometimes we lose site of our priorities and then we rationalize to ourselves and others around us why it is okay that we don't need to meet that next milestone.  Your accountability coach will make sure you push through your excuses. 


Make your goals a priority in life.  If you are saying you don't have time or money to accomplish something, what you are really saying is that is not a priority.  

Be a goal-getter and have your mini-milestones on the calendar.  Find that person who will hold you accountable and drive you towards accomplishing your goals.  Then, watch the greatness happen. 

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